EMU Philosophy of Intercollegiate Athletics

Intercollegiate athletics are an integral part of life at Eastern Mennonite University. At EMU, Christian values, goals and standards serve as the foundation for sports activities. The athletic program provides men and women with the opportunities to integrate personal growth in leadership, athletic skills, wholesome attitudes and spiritual understanding. EMU emphasizes a balance between academic achievement and athletic accomplishment.

The dynamics of interpersonal relationships are an important consideration of the Athletic Department. Coaches stress teamwork, interpersonal communication, self-sacrifice and the building of friendships. As athletes interact with others and are challenged to develop their talents, they learn about themselves in a way not possible in the classroom.

Athletes also build campus identity. Sporting events provide entertainment and opportunities for socialization, which contribute to constructive leisure for the entire community.

Statement of Purpose: Athletics at EMU encourages personal growth among students and contributes to community identity. We help each student-athlete strive for athletic excellence, academic achievement, and spiritual growth and leadership. Our purpose is to provide a balanced and competitive sports program, utilizing qualified and caring coaches, providing high quality and efficient support services, and operating a program that is in harmony with the guidelines of the NCAA and the philosophy of Division III membership.

  • Objectives for the Student-Athlete
  • An emphasis on academic performance and a goal of graduating every student-athlete
  • Provision of opportunities to excel athletically
  • Encouragement of personal and spiritual growth in the areas of individual maturity, leadership, meaningful relationships, and service
  • Continual attention to student-athlete welfare (physical and emotional health, nutrition, injury prevention, and rehabilitation)
  • Objectives for the Department
  • A sport program characterized by balance, equity (in opportunities provided and proportional resources allocated), and broad participation
  • Excellent support services for teams, guests, officials, and spectators
  • Vigilant compliance with NCAA guidelines and the philosophy of Division III membership, and a vital membership and active contribution to the Old Dominion Athletic Conference
  • Encouragement of the personal and professional growth of the department members
  • Integration of operations with the larger institution (Student Life, Physical Plant, Dining Services, Advancement, Finance, etc.) and oversight by the Student Life Division and the President
  • Objectives for the Institution and the Community
  • Inspiration and modeling, high quality entertainment, and an ongoing contribution to positive community spirit
  • Achievement of the highest levels of sportsmanship (civil sporting behavior) at all levels, and from all parties
  • Ongoing opportunities for community members (individual and corporate) to partner with EMU in helping to achieve these objectives

EMU intercollegiate athletics also strives to fulfill the Vision, Mission, and Values of Eastern Mennonite University.